Mike And Zeta hit By 'Publicity' Shot

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  • Updated: Feb 07, 2003 21:00 IST

Hollywood stars Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones couldn't complain that a magazine used unauthorized photos of their wedding because they actively sought publicity for the event, a court was told last week.

The stars are suing Hello! magazine for printing unauthorized photographs of their glittering New York wedding three days before rival magazine OK! hit the stands with official shots secured in a $1.65 million deal with the couple.

But Hello! said in defense papers released in London's High Court that the couple wasn't entitled to a penny.

"The deliberate seeking of publicity destroys confidentiality in respect of personal information for which publicity is sought," the papers said.

Oscar-winner Douglas, 58, and his Welsh wife, 33, who is seven-months pregnant with their second child, are expected in court next week to give evidence.

The are suing Hello! for an estimated $800,000 in damages for loss of income, stress and damage to their careers because of the poor quality of the shots.

The fuzzy photos used by Hello! were taken by lensman Rupert Thorpe after he gate-crashed the wedding party in 2000.

On Monday, the couple's lawyer, Michael Tugendhat, told the court they were "deeply distressed" by the photos, which had been taken after they turned down a $1.5 million deal with Hello! in favor of its rival.

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