Neelam Saxena

  •, PTI, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Apr 20, 2005 15:41 IST

The boutique 'NELS' is a chic outlet which offers myriad designs to suit different tastes. Fashion for Neelam Saxena is all about evolving and refining to emerge with a fresh look. She is recipient of the 'Best Designer of the Millennium' award given by the Global Fashions.

Neelam believes that "there is no such thing as a perfect physique!" This statement holds true especially with respect to the common man. Most of the people have some idea about the way they'd want to look, which often is usually not they say they are.

Her collection is an attempt towards allowing the men to make most of their physiques, by camouflaging what they consider their bad points, and emphasizing their good ones.

Through "Sizeculture" three new/special sizes have been produced (as the name suggests!) with due consideration towards their unavailability in the market - "39 (XS)", "45 (XL)" & "47 (XXL)".

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