UK Doctors uncertain of broadband

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  • Updated: Feb 17, 2003 17:51 IST

Broadband is not restricted to the general surfers only. It can be a breakthrough for the doctors as well. A new NOP World survey indicates that while most UK doctors are aware of broadband technology and believe that it can improve the working method, few are convinced that the technology will enhance their relationships with patients.

According to the study, 75 per cent of General Practitioners believed broadband will benefit them by providing quick online information. Around 74 per cent of British GPs opine that the technology would allow them faster access to test results and medical records, while 61 per cent thought that it would offer greater reliability of connection.

However, few doctors felt that broadband technology would improve their relationship and communication with their patients.

Nearly half of UK doctors reported that allowing patients to access their own medical records would be one of the least important benefits of broadband, while 38 per cent felt the same in regard to patients being able to pre-book appointment times.

Additionally, 29 per cent felt that patients' access to higher quality research was also relatively unimportant.


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