Will you flirt your way to success?

Couple at a party

It doesn’t hurt to flirt a little if you are ambitious and want to waltz up the hall of success. No, we are not saying this. This is the outcome of a new study done by researchers from the Haas School of Business at the University of California and the London School of Economics.

They believe that being flirtatious can help woman get ahead in life. “Women should be ‘playful’ rather than ‘serious’ when negotiating”, they advise. Their logic: Flirting does not always imply sexual advances. There is a certain “social charm” in it. It displays a woman’s personal strengths. If women are warm, friendly and approachable during the course of striking a bargain, they are perceived as successful.

But the concept works only when  it’s the woman who flirts with a man, and not the other way round. The study split 100 men and women into pairs and asked them to rate each other’s skills and manners in various tasks. Women who were the most effective negotiators, were rated highly for social charm by men — but men rated highly by women were not seen as similarly effective. But charming men to strike deals could have its own pitfalls, especially in the Indian context, say experts. “Flirting could be taken wrongly. It could tarnish your image, and make you look cheap and selfish,” says psychologist Rumy Agarwal. But some do agree that it could also display confidence if done in the right way. “There’s no sexual connotation here. It only reflects that the woman is in a happy state of mind, and doesn’t mind a bit of fun,” says relationship expert Jai Madan.

(With inputs from IANS)
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