Arty DIY projects to transform your room into a personal oasis

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  • Updated: Apr 28, 2015 17:55 IST

Inside the urban village of Khirki, nine artists have come together to use art forms like drawings, video, mixed media installation, mirrors, metal and even shadows to create ­installations that define ­relationship of people with the spaces around them.

The artists — Gagan Singh, Lleah Smith and James Gatt, Pooja Iranna, Priyamwada Singh, Samrudh Dixit, Sanket Jadia, Shaily Gupta and Henri Fanthome, Sikan Kumar Panda, and Teja Gavankar, are participating in the project titled Activating Space: A Sculptural Enquiry at the Khoj Studios.

"The project invites the most unusual, unique and bizarre materials into Khoj to permeate the exterior space and explore realms which otherwise can go ­unnoticed. No interior ­studio or project space will be used for the installation of th­exhibition," says Promona Sengupta, program manager, Khoj.

Gagan Singh, a Fine Arts graduate from United Kingdom, ­researches drawing through ­sketchbooks, animation, installation and writing. He says, "I would like to use the external spaces to create drawings, which could become interventions or lead to a new sense of perception of the same place."

In Oasis, the work by Lleah Smith and James Gatt includes a staircase laden with paper flowers and ­plastic bags filled with coloured water scattered on the rooftop. "Life in India is undeniably chaotic, a land of millions, of the unexpected and of commotion, of loud noises, interesting smells, textured terrains and ­bargaining power. Rooftops in India offer a retreat, even if momentarily, into a solo space for ­contemplation, personal reflection and silence," they say.

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