China's popular Kung Fu show leaves Delhiites spellbound

  • ANI, New Delhi
  • Updated: Sep 25, 2014 18:34 IST

A high-octane performance by Chinese martial arts experts and actors left both Delhiites and Chinese living and working in the national capital spellbound and enthralled on Tuesday evening.

Organized by the India-China Economic Cultural Council (ICEC) in collaboration with the Embassy of China and the Ministry of Tourism, the over hour-and-a-half-long Chinese Kung Fu Show showcased a unique aspect of that country's culture.

Held for the first time in India at the Siri Fort Auditorium, the Kung Fu Show was a study in story layout, perfect stage design, professional martial arts actors, and real Kung Fu action and scenes.

Martial arts enthusiasts were naturally in their elements watching the deft display of skill and animal-like moves and twists straight from the Shaolin Temple, but those unfamiliar with martial arts; were unanimous in their reactions to what was a truly unforgettable experience.

The 15 sequences left a strong impact both mentally and physically. Starting off with a slow tempo, yet elastically vigorous introduction, the Kung Fu Show troupe went on showcase moves like the Shaolin Zen Kungfu, Eight-Piece Brocade, Tumbling Fist, Traditional Shaolin Long-Style Boxing among others.

The chief guests at the programme were China's Ambassador to India Le Yucheng, Union Tourism Secretary Parvez Dewan and Mohammed Saqib, Secretary General of the ICEC, besides the culture in charge at the Embassy of China.

The event was organized as part of 'The Year of China-India Friendly Exchanges-2014'.

In ancient China, the Shaolin Kung Fu Performance Troupe used to be the warrior troupe of the Shaolin Temple. To promote it culturally, it was decided to convert into a performance troupe.

Chinese Kung Fu traces its origins back to some 4000 years ago to self-defense needs, hunting activities and military training in ancient China.

In the long course of development, Kung fu's purpose has been redefined to include not only self-defense, but also health maintenance and self-cultivation.

The influence of martial arts can be found in poetry, fiction and films.

Chinese martial arts mimic movements from animals and gather inspiration from various Chinese philosophies, myths and legends.

Kung Fu requires of the practitioner a strict code of physical and mental discipline. Each style has its own unique training system with varying emphasis on each component.

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