Coming soon, Aruna’s Story: A solo play by Lushin Dubey

  • Himika Chaudhuri, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Sep 22, 2015 20:25 IST

Her solo acts like Bitter Chocolate and I Will Not Cry have addressed crucial social issues, and now theatre actor and producer Lushin Dubey is back with her next solo that tells the story of Aruna Shanbaug.

Aruna was a nurse who lived in a vegetative state for 42 years, following a sexual assault by a colleague. She died earlier this year. Dubey, however, who will play 18 characters in this one-hour act, says the piece brings out Aruna’s spunk, and is not a sad account of her travails. “The play focuses on the person that was Aruna. A small-town girl who came to Mumbai with big dreams of becoming a successful nurse, fell in love and wanted to live her life big till one incident changed all that forever,”shares Dubey.

Directed by Arvind Gaur, the play is based on journalist and social activist Pinki Virani’s bestselling book, Aruna’s Story. Talking about why she chose to do this play, Lushin says, “I think there is a need to bring up this subject, again and again. The incidents of sexual violence against women just don’t seem to stop. Our play has a very hard-hitting beginning, but it is racy, complete with humour and Bollywood songs. The idea is to drive home a point without being preachy,” she says.

What’s more, Gaur and Dubey want the audience to participate too. “Maitri, an NGO, will interact with the audience at the end to get their viewpoint on how the judiciary should handle these cases,” says Lushin.

WHAT: Aruna’s Story: A solo play by Lushin Dubey
WHERE: Stein Auditorium, Indian Habitat Center
WHEN: Sep 26-27
TIMINGS: 7pm onwards

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