How to pacify your pet this Diwali

  • Hindustan Times, Namita S Kalla
  • Updated: Oct 21, 2014 20:05 IST

Diwali can play havoc to pet animals. With several pets having a strong hearing power, and a dreadfulness towards louder noises and fire works, it becomes difficult to pacify them. We spoke to a couple of animal lovers who doled out these useful tips for pet care during Diwali.

Never force your pet to stay around fire crackers, you will end up having a dreaded or an aggressive pet.

Keep your pet in a room where the noise of the crackers barely reaches.

Draw the curtains

Close the windows and doors

If possible don't leave your pet unattended. Family members can take turns to sit with the pet. Alternatively, you can choose to attend it in between your celebrations. That will give the pet an assurance that you are available for them.

Television and music system can also come to your rescue. Keep these gadgets on with a high volume, so that it suppresses the noise of the crackers.

Don't expose your pets to firecrackers. Sniffing and licking the same can cause them damage.

Lastly take instructions from the vet. He can suggest some medicines or therapies to keep your pets anxiety and fear at bay.

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