New York museum exhibits contemporary Arab art

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  • Updated: Jun 24, 2014 18:31 IST

New York’s New Museum is presenting an exhibition that will feature contemporary art from and about the Arab world. Titled Here And Elsewhere, the show features works by 45 artists from over 12 countries and is the most recent in a series of exhibitions from the museum that has introduced new aesthetics to American audiences, breaking out of the confines of the New York art world.

Borrowing its title from the 1976 film-essay Ici Et Ailleurs (Here and Elsewhere) by Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville, the exhibition explores the position and role of the artist in the face of historical events.

Through a mixture of paintings, drawings, sculptures and multimedia exhibits, the showhighlights works that often have conceptual or aesthetic references to the Arab world.
Here and Elsewhere runs from July 16 to September 28

Participating artists include:

Abounaddara (f. 2011 Damascus, Syria)
Etel Adnan (b. 1925 Beirut, Lebanon; lives in Paris and Sausalito, CA)
Rheims Alkadhi (b. 1973 Buffalo, NY; lives in Beirut, Lebanon)
Basma Alsharif (b. 1983 Kuwait; lives internationally)
Ziad Antar (b. 1978 Saïda, Lebanon; lives in Paris and Saïda)
Marwa Arsanios (b. 1978 Washington, DC; lives in Beirut, Lebanon)
Kader Attia (b. 1970 Dugny, France; lives in Berlin)
Yto Barrada (b. 1971 Paris, France; lives in New York and Tangier, Morocco)
Anna Boghiguian (b. 1946 Cairo, Egypt; lives internationally)
Fouad Elkoury (b. 1952 Paris, France; lives in Paris)
Simone Fattal (b. 1942 Damascus, Syria; lives in Paris and Sausalito, CA)
Mekhitar Garabedian (b. 1977 Aleppo, Syria; lives in Ghent, Belgium)
GCC (f. 2013 Dubai, UAE; live in New York, London, Kuwait City, Beirut, and Dubai)
Fakhri El Ghezal (1981 Akouda, Tunisia; lives in Akouda and Tunis, Tunisia)
Tanya Habjouqa (b. 1975 Amman, Jordan; lives in East Jerusalem)
Rokni Haerizadeh (b. 1978 Tehran, Iran; lives in Dubai, UAE)
Rana Hamadeh (b. 1983 Beirut, Lebanon; lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Shuruq Harb (b. 1980 Ramallah, Palestine; lives in Ramallah)
Susan Hefuna (b. 1962 Cairo, Egypt; lives in Cairo, Düsseldorf, and New York)
Wafa Hourani (b. 1979 Hebron, Palestine; lives in Ramallah, Palestine)
Ali Jabri (b. 1942 Jerusalem, Palestine; d. 2002 Amman, Jordan)
Khaled Jarrar (b. 1976 Jenin, Palestine; lives in Ramallah, Palestine)
Lamia Joreige (b. 1972 Beirut, Lebanon; lives in Beirut)
Hiwa K (b. 1975 Sulaymaniya, Iraq; lives in Berlin)
Amal Kenawy (b. 1974 Cairo, Egypt; d. 2012 Cairo)
Mazen Kerbaj (b. 1975 Beirut, Lebanon; lives in Beirut)
Bouchra Khalili (b. 1975 Casablanca, Morocco; lives in Berlin)
Maha Maamoun (b. 1972 California; lives in Cairo, Egypt)
Hashem El Madani (b. 1930 Saïda, Lebanon; lives in Saïda)
Marwan (b. 1934 Damascus, Syria; lives in Berlin)
Ahmed Mater (b. 1979 Tabouk, Saudi Arabia; lives in Abha, Saudi Arabia)
Abdul Hay Mosallam (b. 1933 Al-Dawayima, Palestine; lives in Amman, Jordan)
Selma and Sofiane Ouissi (b. 1975 and 1972 Tunis, Tunisia; live in Paris and Tunis)
Jamal Penjweny (b. 1981 Penjwen, Iraq; lives in Baghdad, Iraq)
Mohamed Larbi Rahali (b. 1956 Tétouan, Morocco; lives in Tétouan)
Marwan Rechmaoui (b. 1964 Beirut, Lebanon; lives in Beirut)
Abdullah Al Saadi (b. 1967 Khor Fakkan, UAE; lives in Khor Fakkan)
Hrair Sarkissian (b. 1973 Damascus, Syria; lives in London)
Hassan Sharif (b. 1951 Dubai, UAE; lives in Dubai)
Wael Shawky (b. 1971 Alexandria, Egypt; lives in Alexandria)
Mounira Al Solh (b. 1978 Beirut, Lebanon; lives in Beirut, Lebanon, and Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Suha Traboulsi (b. 1923 Birzeit, Palestine; lives in Chbanieh, Lebanon)
Van Leo (b. 1921 Jehane, Turkey; d. 2002 Cairo, Egypt)
Ala Younis (b. 1974 Kuwait City, Kuwait; lives in Amman, Jordan) – a curatorial project of archival materials and artworks by Adel Abidin, Mustapha Akrim, Neïl Beloufa, Mohssin Harraki, Mona Hatoum, and Amina Menia

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