Pump up your pad with do-it-yourself décor

  • Vibha Kumar, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jul 22, 2014 15:31 IST

Jump out of bed, hop into shower, rustle up a quick breakfast and hit the road. Sounds like a typical day, doesn’t it? The day brings with it many challenges, and often, you get back home at night, exhausted.

http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2014/7/bed.jpg One’s room must be done up in a way that it can act as a safe haven, and re-energise you when you step in after a long day. It should be a little world in itself (your own gompa if you will!) where you can find peace, and disconnect from the outer world.

Here are few tips to make your room as warm, peaceful and cosy, with a dash of colours and sundry baubles you can make thyself, to perk it up!

Jewellery Display


Get an old discarded window pane. Clean it up and apply wood primer on it. It usually dries up within an hour. Get pop colours, and paint the wooden parts of the window in shades you fancy. Let it dry for a day, and you’re ready to spread out all your steals from Janpath and Sarojini Nagar. This artifact is particularly handy in that you can pick and choose any earring you want to wear, rather than picking them out entangled in each other from a usual box.

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There’s othing like a coffee table you have made! Go to a local carpenter and get a frame in the shape of a miniature charpoi made (it’s cheap!). Get funky colours and let the painter in you come out. Paint the frame in colours of your choice, and let it dry. Now, get a roll of brocade, cut long strips and superglue them from one end to the other. Hit the glazier for a glass sheet of the same size as the table. Place it on top and voila, your handmade coffee table is ready! Scarf Holder

Get two 24-inch bamboo sticks and about six 8-inch ones, from the local carpenter. Pick up a few nails and hammer in the small sticks, horizontally, on to the long pieces (imagine a ladder). Hammer in all the six sticks, keeping equal distance between them. Get a cool gold, silver or white paint box, and paint up the mini ladder. Be sure to dry the ladder out for a full day in the sun. Hang all your pretty scarves on it – it’s easy access and a pretty addition to your room!

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This is a staple if you want to give life to your pad. Make a sketch, print out a few photos with your buddies, or cut out picturesque locations from a travel or fashion mag. Paste the cut outs/photos on a cardboard cardboard and get it framed. Put it up on your walls and relive some great memories every day. Or, keep reminding yourself of your travel bucketlist and be inspired each day to go travel!

Block print art


This looks like hard work, but it’s actually very easy! Pick up a white piece of cloth, clean it up and iron it. Paste it on a cardboard. Now, get black paint, and wooden block prints that are available in Lajpat Nagar or Janpath. Dip in the paint and stamp it on the cloth, making a cool design. Let it dry. You can take a paint brush and outline the outer edges of the design with golden colour – gives the whole thing a nice sheen. After it has totally dried, get it framed and put it up on the wall. The artist in you has arrived.

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