This museum is turning classic art into memes! Here's why

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  • Updated: Jul 21, 2015 16:28 IST
Two of the many 'snaps' sent out by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has done what no other museum has ever done before: They've turned classic artworks into memes on image sharing mobile app-Snapchat.

Now, you'll ask, why send out a funny mix of classic art and pop culture references? Lucy Redoglia, the social media manager at the museum, says it helps get the younger generation hooked to matters of art.

Redoglia sends out three snaps every week: The first one that she sent was viewed more than 60,000 times.

In an interview to The Independent, Redoglia said that sometimes she uses references of pop culture from the 1990s, a decade that might seem distinctly historical to her young audience.

But lines from TLC's big 1995 hit "Waterfalls" and Billy Madison, an Adam Sandler movie from the same year, have both proved popular memes, she said. "Not every pop culture event sits well with the collection, but I keep a careful eye on things, follow hashtags and participate when I can," she was quoted as saying.

Here are some hilarious examples. Test yourselves on how many references you could understand.

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