Book reviews: The Puffin Factfinder, The Insatiable

A blood-suckingly good read
This Whether you love or hate vampires, this is just the right read for a boring evening. Insatiable by Meg Cabot is a modern day sequel to Dracula, with a heroine in a pixie hair cut who can foretell how people will die, her pregnant best friend, a delusional stay-at-home brother, friendly vampire neighbours and a handsome vampire lover, who is over a 100 years old. Meet Meena Harper, the brain behind a hit television soap about vampires. Enter Lucien Antonescu aka the Prince of Darkness, the handsome history professor who is also the son of Bram Stoker’s legendary Count Dracula. Love blossoms between the two, but so does trouble.
Title: Insatiable
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: HarperCollins
Price: Rs 399
(Arpita Kala)

The Puffin Factfinder
The quizmaster’s back!
Remember flipping through limited edition copies of Bournvita Quiz Contest as a kid? Well, this one’s just out of your flashback and it’s got thicker and better. Derek O’Brien rolls out his new compilation, The Puffin Factfinder, in an exhaustive, comprehensive paperback volume that covers a varied range of subjects from history, computers, environment, geography, language and literature, music and entertainment, sport, science and mathematics with actual or best known figures and statistics. Though a little pro-India in its approach with the information, it is still an indispensable reference book for every trivia junkie. 
Title: The Puffin Factfinder
Author: Derek O’Brien
Publisher: Puffin Books
Price: Rs 250

(Robin Bansal)


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