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A picture is worth a thousand words, and those that you see on Daily Delhi justify it. As its name suggests, the blog depicts a day in the life of the Capital — through various photographs. From describing the weather in the city to its street performers, the uniqueness of Delhi auto-rickshaws to festivities — the posts on the blog cover it all.

Started by 33-year-old Shashwat Nagpal in 2010, Daily Delhi has become popular among many who share their passion to explore the nooks and crannies of the city.
“I chose this magnificent city as my primary subject because I just love the way this city is. It has a rich heritage and a diverse culture,” says Nagpal, a marketing professional who describes photography as “a serious hobby” and his passion.

One of the several interesting posts that readers come across, is ‘Hello Didi (Sister)’. With a picture of a sari salesman in one of the popular city markets, the post talks about the ‘long lost brothers’ of a woman who goes for shopping. As soon as she enters the shop, she is  addressed as ‘Didi’ by the salesman — a common practice in town.

While there are many such interesting picture-stories, the only drawback of the blog is that its author hasn’t been a frequent blogger. But he assures,“I am working on expanding the blog and including more topics. It will be updated soon, and more regularly.”


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