Reddy to dance again

Titled, Hari-Hara Dhwaibhavam, the one- and-half-hour performance aims to show the true flavours of Kuchipudi dance. “It is an absorbing recreation of the ecstatic dances of Hara (Shiva) and Hari (Krishna),” says Reddy.

It begins with a musical composition of Karnas (co-ordinated movements of the hand and legs) followed by Chidambaram Natam in adulation of Lord Shiva and an Ashtapadi act. The third piece is a rare Kshetraiyya Padam where Krishna is the secret lover. “I conclude the performance with a Tillana ‘Geet Dhunik Dhin’ by the famous Kerala King Swati Tirunal, which shows the effortless crossover of language and music between the North and South,” adds Reddy.

About promoting traditional dance forms among youngsters, Reddy says, “Classical dance is beautiful. It just needs to be packaged, promoted and delivered more attractively. People have a prejudice and feel that classical dance is boring, but they just need to be shown how beautiful it is, in interesting ways.”

Catch it live
Hari-Hara Dwaibhavam (solo Kuchipudi dance recital)
When: February 19
Timing: 7pm onwards
Where: Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road
NEAREST METRO STATION: Jor Bagh on the Yellow line


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