Laughter has medicinal benefits: Papa CJ

Papa CJ can f*** you in more ways than one, or so he says.

On Sunday, stand-up comic Papa CJ offered to perform at any hospital across the country for free. By Monday, he had already received a request. He’s thrilled about it: “I’m meeting the Medanta — The Medicity team in Delhi this week,” he says.
Padma Shri Dr Naresh Trehan, who was appointed as the personal surgeon to the President of India in 1991, is the chairperson and managing director of the institution. “I received an email from Dr Trehan’s wife, Madhu, saying, ‘Of course we will organise it; most important for cancer, stroke patients, Parkinson's and depressive patients, where the state of mind is crucial to recovery.’” 

Ask CJ what his content will revolve around at these shows, and he says, “Depends on who it is for. Personally, I love older audiences. They have a lot more life experience.”

Though the initiative called The Best Medicine is CJ’s brainchild, he is in the process of contacting other comedians too, hoping that some of them would be interested in participating. “Comedians in New York have volunteered. However, we may not be able to pick up their travelling expenses,” says CJ, adding, “The long-term idea is to try and visit as many hospitals in as many cities as possible, on a regular basis. Science has proven that laughter has medicinal benefits. I hope I can be of help.”


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