Natural edge

Artist Akhilesh Kumar has explored several media, from drawings to oil paintings and watercolours. His latest experiment is with sculptures, 12 of which he is displaying at an exhibition in the city.

“I’ve worked on this show for two years. Before this, I’ve exhibited my work in group shows, but they were mostly paintings. I’ve turned my attention to sculptures only recently,” says Kumar, who will also display a few drawings at the show.

As always, nature is the theme for the exhibit, titled Sprouting Forms. “Nature has always been my inspiration, no matter what the medium. This time, I’ve tried to show the connection between humans and nature,” says the artist. While natural materials like wood have been utilised to make the sculptures, there are also metals like iron, copper and aluminium.

“I’ve used a lot of scrap, including wires and hinges. For me, the hinges give out a special message,” says Kumar, explaining, “The way hinges connect a door to a wall, I’ve used them as a connection between humans and nature in my work.”


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