Not in minutes but moments

What started as an enquiry into the ever-changing thing that is time, soon metamorphosed into 18 colourful artworks. An exhibition by artist Aarti Zaveri reflects upon time — as moments well lived and not as the clock ticking by. “These paintings are based on a simple question that came to my mind: is it us who made time, or time that has made us what we are?” Zaveri contemplates.

The idea, she adds, stemmed from the simple realisation that even while having a cup of coffee with friends, sometimes, we are merely sitting there, and not living those moments. “The word ‘time’ means clock for most of us. Our whole life revolves around this clock. These paintings are my attempt to replace the mechanical ticking of a clock with moments — both lived and lost,” she explains.

Rightly so, one of her works, Yin and Yang, is about the positive and negative aspects of life. In another work, Time Drops, she has shown the duality of life through two glasses. “The painting comprises one empty and one colourful glass. The empty one shows moments that were not lived. The colourful one is about rainbow moments,” Zaveri elaborates.

The artist, who has been doing portraits all her life, finds special joy in making faces. Her latest exhibition, too, is a continuation of her previous theme — masks. “Masks do a great job of pointing out human complexities, of showing one’s false self. Time, on the other hand, tells you to take that mask off and live in the moment. I have used both,” she says.

Catch it live
What:  Time and moments, an art exhibition
When: January 22-27
Timing: 11am to 6pm
Where: India Habitat Centre
NEAREST METRO STATION: Jor Bagh on the Yellow Line


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