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Prashant Sharma, 27 is an author and hails from Rajasthan. Read on to know more about him.

Home is in:  Rajasthan
School/college I attended: IIM Lucknow, Delhi College of Engineering
I earn my living by: Strategising for a bank
I desire in a woman/man: Humour, chirpiness and looks (I know!)
I appreciate most about my friends:  Being a phone call away
If I could name myself, it would be:  Vanraj- love the lion feel to it
The cause I care for: World peace
My worst nightmare: To not be able to sleep
How I want to die: Of old age
My present state of mind: Ecstatic, brother’s getting married
My motto: Live and let live
Facebook Friends at present: 1000 odd
Can’t do without: 8 hours of sleep
A book I’m reading right now: Dongri to Dubai
I love to shop at: Online is the new fad
My biggest indulgence: Food
I can’t stand: Weird people
Beer or Wine: Red Bull
A cuisine I can’t tolerate: South Indian
I love partying at: House parties
Cotton or satin: Cotton
My wildest fanatasy: Directing a Dabangg type movie
My last regret purchase: Surround speakers
I dream to be: A movie director
About his book...
Prashant has come a long way. From engineering, to an MBAand then an author, he is ready with his fourth book Love Power and Politics!! The plot explores the relationship of three
people involved in of college politics. “Instead of making it political on a national level,
I decided to restrict it to a university”, he says. In the past, Prashant has written
Love, Life & A Beer Can! (2010),
If I pretend I am Sorry! (2011)
and It wasn’t love at first (April 2012).

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