Light installation to mark 25 years of Berlin Wall fall

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  • Updated: Jul 16, 2014 18:11 IST

A light installation outside the Berlin Wall. (AFP)

Today Berlin is known as a hotbed of creativity, a haven for artists and for its pulsing nightlife and underground culture. But just 25 years ago, it was a city divided. To mark the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city will erect a light installation along the 15-km route that once split the city in two.

On the weekend of November 7-9, a symbolic frontier will occupy the space where the Berlin Wall once stood. Only instead of concrete, The ‘Lichtgrenze’ will consist of 8,000 balloons that will light up the city center and serve as an open-air exhibit tracing the history of the Wall, the revolution and its eventual fall.

Each balloon belongs to a balloon patron, who shares a personal story and message about the historic evening of November 9, when the Wall collapsed and East and West Germany were reunited.

A quarter of a century later, come nightfall, the patrons will take their place along the wall and release the balloons into the sky as the Staatskapelle Berlin orchestra plays on. A public party at the Brandenburg Gate will follow.

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