Things to keep in mind when buying art online

This picture shows a visitor posing with a "3D painting" at the Magic Art Special exhibition at the Hangzhou Peace International Exhibition and Conference Centre in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou. (AFP photo/Peter Parks)

1 Check authenticity: While purchasing art pieces, make sure they come with a certificate of authenticity of the artist to ensure that the painting is from an actual artist and not a cheap imitation, a rip-off or a low-quality copy/print of another artists’ original.

2 Insurance: Art comes in two forms — rolls and frames. If it’s a framed art piece, make sure the painting is insured by the manufacturer and check the quality of the packaging as frames are very delicate and might be damaged upon arrival.

3 Value for money: Art comes with a perceived value. Before buying, check a few resources (different galleries have different rates) to ensure the value you are paying is accurate.

4 Size matters: One of the most important key factors to keep in mind is to check the size of the painting you require before purchasing to ensure it fits your required environment.

5 Research: Make sure that you have full knowledge of the artist and his/her work before you make the actual purchase. It is important to do a thorough research on the availability and the painting you want to buy.


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