This is every girl’s story

Being a woman — even in the 21st century — is no cakewalk. A new play in the city brings to stage the joy,  challenges of being a modern woman with an independent mind, a self-made career and a family to take care of. “With most women choosing to work after marriage now, they have to strike a careful balance between their social and family life all the time,” says Gouri Nilakantan Mehta, the play’s director.

Performed by Platform for Action in Creative Theatre, the play Vidambana revolves around a 28-year-old married woman, Urvashi, who decides to go out in the world and find her place under the sun. “It’s about what happens when the tables are turned in a relationship. The woman no longer has time to cook dinner for her husband or sit at home waiting for him to return from business tours,” explains Mehta. from an old play, Kriti-Vikriti, by author NG Bodes, the script has been chosen for it’s relevance in today’s time. “College goers may already be facing these questions as they prepare to step into the real world with real challenges,” says Avantika Tomar, 27, who plays the main protagonist,  Urvashi. “With women choosing to work in the corporate world, men are learning to share responsibilities at home,” says Siddharth Singh, 30, who plays the role of Urvashi’s husband.

Catch it here
 What: A stage adaptation of Vidambana
When: March 23
Time: 7pm onwards
Where: Akshara Theatre, 11-B, Baba Kharag Singh Marg, Connaught Place
Nearest Metro Station: Patel Chowk on the Yellow Line


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