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Highlights | Have a vision for developing Purvanchal, Modi says in Varanasi

assembly elections Updated: Mar 05, 2017 21:15 IST
Sudhir Kumar
UP election

Prime Minister Narendra Modi waves to people during his road show in Varanasi on Sunday.(ANI)

With the heat rising for the final phase of UP assembly polls, scheduled on March 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued his hectic campaign trail to woo voters in his Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi.

Massive crowds gathered in the temple town for a second day running to catch a glimpse of the Prime Minister as he moved through the city’s roads. By nightfall, Modi reached the conclusion point of his roadshow -- Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeet -- where he began addressing a rally.

On Saturday, Modi’s road show included stops at the Kashi Vishwanath temple and the Kaal Bhairav temple, where offered prayers too.

Here are the live updates:

Modi concludes speech and Varanasi rally. The Prime Minister will head to New Delhi now.

8:53pm: With this wish, I ask you to say, Bharat Mata ki ‘Jai’

8:52pm: Vote for BJP. Place your vote on the Lotus

8:51pm: The Congress is getting wiped out across the country. Wherever there is a state assembly election, they are being wiped out

8:50pm: The BJP, Congress and BSP are parts of the same thali

8:49pm: Progress is the answer. Progress is the way to employ our youth. Progress is how poor parents can educate and give their children a better life

8:46pm: I have a clear vision for how to develop Purvanchal -- transport, industries, houses, etc

8:44pm: We are laying a pipeline from Gujarat to here to transport gas. We are spending hundreds of crores to improve your lives

8:42pm: I asked the state govt to give me a list, but the sleepy state govt has done nothing

8:40pm: 3 lakh people do not have houses in the state

8:39pm: The poorest of the poor must have a house to live in. A house that has electricity, has a toilet, and other amenities

8:38pm: I want to develop tourism on one hand. But I also want to improve quality of life

8:37pm: When tourism increases, flower sellers will make an earning. Even tea seller will earn

8:36pm: Just like some people want to go abroad, visit Rome, there are people who want to visit Kashi

8:35pm: I want to bring the state forward. And one way is to develop our tourism

8:34pm: Rs 6,000 crore will be released in the next budget

8:33pm: We have already given two instalments of One Rank One Pension amounting to Rs 6,000 crore

8:31pm: But when I got into it, I found everything was a mess.

8:30pm: For 40 years our army has been asking for One Rank One Pension. It was their right. It was my plan to deliver this within the first six months of my government

8:29pm: But people lost in politics have demanded proof of the surgical strike, proof from the army. They do not have respect for those that protect this country

8:27pm: When the surgical strike took place, our army crossed over and reported a successful mission

8:26pm: Earlier people asked, ‘How much money has been lost (in scams and corruption)’. Now they ask, ‘Modiji, how much has come in (post demonetisation)’

8:25pm: When you get cataract, it becomes hard to see. For some politicians, vote and caste is like cataract; it stops them from seeing clearly

8:22pm: You have showed me love and support. I am touched by that

8:21pm: Who has robbed us? Netas, babus have looted this country. I must remove them.

8:20pm: Under our government, honest people needn’t fear. In fact, they will praised

8:19pm: After November 8, the country saw who wanted to save dishonest people

8:18pm: Those who have robbed the country for 70 years have to pay back

8:17pm: The area has immense potential; it is full of natural resources. What UP lacks is a good government

8:16pm: I want to bring Purvanchal up to the standards of western UP in terms of development

8:15pm: The state government is reluctant to use the money I (Centre) have been giving. But there is a problem for sure: I ask for a full account of the money. If they move money around, how will they (state govt) give an account?

8:14pm: Banaras could have been a center of attraction for world

8:13pm: Previous governments have only done sporadic work keeping in view election interest in my mind

8:11pm: It is my dream to bring the whole country forward, including Purvanchal. If we do so, it won’t take long for us progress

8:10pm: If you look at the country, only some places have progressed. Look at West Bengal, Purvanchal over here. But for a healthy Bharath Ma, like a healthy body, all the states need to do better

8:08pm: My matra has been ‘Sabka saath, sabka vikas’ (Progress for everyone). But here it is ‘Kuch ka saath, kuch ka vikas’ (Progress for only some people)

8:05pm: The state government hasn’t been doing enough to improve electricity supply by using the Centre’s money because they don’t want Modi to get the credit

8:04pm: It is my dream to transform Banaras

8:02pm: Mark Twain said Banaras is older than history, than heritage

7:59pm: Working for the people of Kashi gives me immense strength

7:58pm: Kasi’s people broke yesterday’s record (of attendance)

7:58pm: “Har har Mahadev,” Modi says as he begins his speech