God resides in each one of us

Ever since the dawn of civilisation, man has been engaged in  search of his Creator. Different theories have been propounded about the  existence of God. God created man in his own image but where to find  Him? Why is he not visible? These questions continue to pester us quite often.

The truth is easily comprehensible when spoken in simple  words. Gandhi used to stress upon the necessity to speak the truth. No ornamental language is required to explain the truth. Truth is simple and  it should be spoken as such. We are more responsive to things we understand. What is not understood can't be followed. This worldly wisdom has been explained by Kabir in common man's language.

Virender Sethi in his book "Kabir, the Weaver of God's Name" reproduces Kabir saying "Jaat nahin Jadish ki, Harijan ki Kahan Hoi, Jaat Paath key keech mein doob maro mat koi.  (God does not have any caste, then how human beings claim to have one caste or the other. Don't sink in the quagmire of casteism)." See how simply Kabir deals with a difficult topic. He says "Tera sai tujh mein, jyon pahupan mein bas, kasturi ka hiran jyon, fir fir doodhat ghas (Like the fragrance in flowers, God resides in you. But like the deer who searches Kasturi in grass although it is inside him).

The deer was intrigued by the sweet scent he always perceived. As time went on, that sweet fragrance haunted and puzzled him. He vowed to find out where the scent came from. He went over mountains and dales, through water and dry land but, all in vain! Wherever he went, he perceived the enchanting scent! One day, he climbed the highest cliff. When he could not get the source there too, he leapt down the cliff and died, with his limbs torn apart and his musk glands poured out. The whole valley was filled with sweet fragrance. It was too late for the deer to discover where the source of the fragrance lay.


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