Saturday is my lucky day

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  • Updated: Jul 22, 2002 16:39 IST

I moved to India at the age of 15 and was completely oblivious to the concept of superstitions, and maybe therefore, it affected me a great deal. From the servants in the house to my driver, who wouldn't proceed if a black cat had crossed the path, it was a whole new world to me.

I would be lying if I were to say that it didn't me influence me at all. In fact, initially, it had quite a hold over me but over the years, I have gained the maturity to understand that it is not a way to lead your life. It is about the positive role that it can play in one's life, one has to learn to work it to one's advantage. For instance, I have discovered that whatever I do on Saturdays, brings me success. Of course, one has to work hard for rewards but I strongly believe that Saturdays are lucky for me. It has taken me time to figure this one out and I have no possible explanation for why this is so but the fact remains and so does my belief.


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