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  • Updated: May 12, 2004 15:25 IST

Lord Gautama Buddha is now in charge of taking our planet into the Age of Enlightenment, a very exciting project, which the Earthlings have decided to execute. Of course, this could never had been done without the aid of the Great Masters, who have paved the way for this extraordinary Shift in Consciousness, an awesome exercise never before available to the Earth and its Beings.

As Lord Gautama Buddha consciously directs His Vast Energy into this grand plan, to help and guide humans on their Ascension path, familiar memories of past lives as Buddhists are erupting in many minds. This leads them to explore the tenets of Buddhism and serves to explain why the Buddhist culture, including Buddhist chanting, has become so popular all over the globe.

The basis of Buddhism is the opening up to the true nature of the mind, which is God Consciousness. This reawakening in hearts and souls is an important part of the Shift into Enlightenment in the New Millennium. This exploration leads to high spiritual levels of discovering the True Self within the Human one, rising above religious orthodoxy into the higher planes of pure spirituality.

The overvalued intellect of modern man is now replaced by a moving inwards towards the soul of man. The difference that this change of mind orientation makes is enormous, and is the first positive step to a peaceful world.

All Buddhist teachings are geared towards this inward journey, a journey of great subtlety, and hard courage. As we have been so conditioned to look outwards for our happiness, this requires a great deal of mental agility to be able to reverse the outlook.

In a world dedicated to noise and distraction, and constant stimulation of the senses, it seems a terrifying void of silence and stillness to go into. Stripped of their 'ego' and flung into a chilling void, where no stimulation exists, except for the heartbeat of the Universe, and our own response to it, it scares the 'hell' out of us, and transports us into Heaven on Earth.

This is definitely not a journey for the fearful, but only for those brave souls who can allow the stripping of themselves to their barest reflection of their souls.

Lord Padmasambhava, the Buddhist Master has succinctly put this across, when he says:

"Even though that which is usually called 'mind' is widely esteemed and much discussed,
Still it is not understood or it is wrongly understood, or it is understood in a one-sided manner only.
Since it is not understood correctly, just as it is in itself,
There comes into existence inconceivable numbers of philosophical ideas and assertions.
Furthermore, since ordinary individuals do not understand it,
They do not recognize their own nature,
And so they continue to wander among their six destinies of rebirth within the three worlds, and thus experience suffering,
Therefore not understanding your own mind is a very grievous fault."

To be continued...


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