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  • Updated: May 19, 2003 14:13 IST

The earliest of my memories of the mystical kind dates back to my school years in Mumbai, where our apartment overlooked the sea. I remember this particular afternoon when the rains had just got over and a white mist had settled over the ocean. In one particular moment it seemed to me as if Lord Vishnu and Nilamber were there in that mist.

I believe, everything moves in a cosmic rhythm. It's that spirit that runs it all. As one starts becoming aware, spirituality turns out to be an experience. Laughing and being full of joy is a spiritual experience to me just as the different aspects of life are.

The spiritual glow is evident on a person's face; it shows when you are in the spiritual circle. People can make that glow out as you enter the room. As you mature it starts staying with you longer and longer. One cannot show off the feeling of spirituality. It is the aura and vibration which change as one becomes more spiritual.

Spirituality is also the greatest teacher. I've learnt a lot from it as it pierced through me, enlightening all corners of my being and dispelling all darkness. I feel so illuminated and that is also what dance and arts are all about. Spirituality isn't contemporary or old. It is a flow, it's felt and experienced and for that it has to be believed in. At times, uninformed audiences undergo the transformation but don't understand.

Many times we don't realise the existence of our spiritual being. Once on my birthday I was in Cape Town and it was a wonderful day. There was a light drizzle, great sunshine and a rainbow that appeared thrice. I have never seen anything like this before; it was just that beautiful feeling within me. Was it a birthday gift or a weather blessing?

One never knows, it's the immediacy of the experience which cannot be described. Where does it come from and where does it go? I don't know but it's purely enriching.


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