The spiritual quotient test-VI

  • Veena Minocha, PTI
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  • Updated: Sep 24, 2004 19:33 IST

When the human has reached this stage, he will find that all the people who knew him when he was in a lower vibrational consciousness, will drop out of his life, in some inexplicable way. Those were the people who could relate to that particular level within him, and are no longer in his field of higher spiritual energy. They become invisible to him, and he to them.

When all desires are fulfilled the moment they are expressed, in thought or word, then you know that you have really come forward as a 'whole' human being, integrating and balancing, connecting and centering all your energies into the One Great Source for sustenance. This wholeness reflects as a state of spiritual grace, and you radiate this grace outwards to all who come in contact with you. This also magnetizes to you all kinds of human beings who recognize that you have a higher vibration, and catch your signals that you can help them also to raise their own vibration. So you are surrounded by humans who need your guidance, physical and emotional healing. You look outwards at the world, and realize how much there is to do, in the way of serving humankind in recognizing their own angelic light.

Your powers to heal and affect others positively shine like an actual light into other human souls, so they all converge on you for healing. The healer however, realises that true healing comes about only when the patient is also receptive to the healing energies. In fact the patient can heal himself to such degree as he gives himself permission to do so. The healer realizes that he has to merely balance the unbalanced human so that he can then use this balanced state to heal all that caused the imbalanced position.

The most important, and lasting gift that is received through Grace, is the gift of Universal knowledge rediscovered in the ancient scriptures. As this human re-reads the holy texts he goes on to read deeper levels of meaning into each word, until the whole truth becomes apparent and brilliantly clear in his mind. It is as if the mind of God has descended to afford clarity of knowledge and wisdom of the ages.

This sacred body of knowledge then becomes a teaching tool in the hands of this enlightened human. He absorbs the concepts of spiritual wisdom and wonders how he could have missed the depth of the meaning while he read them all his life. He extends his new found wise status towards helping humanity understand God's true purpose for sending mortals to this plane.
He is now ready to send his own personal message to the world at large, for the benefit of humanity and the collective souls!

(To be continued…)


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