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  • Updated: Jul 08, 2003 11:16 IST

I’ve grown up with people who are strong believers in God that some amount of their beliefs have definitely rubbed off on me. I do pray regularly but I’ve still to find the actual meaning behind it all. For me at the present, I find prayer and spirituality in my dance.

I’m closest to that power that the world believes in when I’m dancing. Faith is something you have to believe in yourself before you practice it blindly. Whatever forms you may follow; it only works when you feel it from within. For example, everytime before my exam I rush to the temple to pray.

When I see my younger sister Bhawna praying with so much devotion, I feel there has to be something. Once when I had fallen really ill, I saw Bhawna praying religiously for me to get well soon.

If we look closely at all the festivals that we celebrate, they are not just about mindless ceremonies. The ceremonies have a significant role to play. My father has been my guide in knowing the Indian heritage better. Religion makes a person disciplined and organised. Fasts were kept for a reason, they helped to detoxify the human body and science has also observed so. In many other ways, too, religious beliefs help us in becoming a good person.

Though I celebrate festivals and observe pujas, I have still not been able to find the connection between God and myself. I may not necessarily believe in idol worship but I feel that various forms of worship help one concentrate better. It also helps one in focussing your faith.

Meditation, for instance, is a channel to converge all you energies into one central point. In that respect again my meditation is my practice. As for me, I’m sure a day would come, when I too will have an experience that’ll  make me a true believer.

We are so used to the Diwali puja, imagine how dark it would be it didn’t take place once. Life would become so empty without all the festivals we celebrate here. I wouldn’t miss even one of them for anything.


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