Bribe will not shut my mouth: Modi to Sibal

Updated: October 10, 2012 17:10 IST

The spat between Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and Union Education Minister Kapil Sibal refuses to die down over Akash tablet, as Modi accused Sibal of misusing public funds and trying to ‘bribe’ him. A couple of days ago, the Gujarat state chief took a dig at the education minister that the much-hyped Aakash is yet to be distributed to students, as promised. Reacting to it, Sibal sent two tablets to Modi, but they came back undelivered. Modi said bribe would not make him silent. The state chief also reiterated that the government should reveal the amount of public money spent on the foreign visits of Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi since 2004, san her medical expenses. Citing a newspaper report, the Gujarat state chief had alleged on October 01 that rupees 1880 crore was spent from the public exchequer on Gandhi's foreign trips.

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