Bhopal gas Survivors recall pain endured for 28 years

Updated: December 03, 2012 22:12 IST

As the country observes the 28th anniversary of the Bhopal gas disaster, that claimed thousands of lives, victims and survivors of the tragedy are still awaiting justice. The government says the disaster killed around 3,500 whereas the social activists assess that 8,000 people died in the immediate aftermath and thousands have died of illness related to gas exposure in the years that followed. In a nutshell, they say at lease 25,000 people have died since 1984. Victims today recalled the horror of the fateful night when their world changed forever in a matter of minutes. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, said that it was time to learn from the mistakes of the 1984 industrial disaster to ensure that such accidents are never repeated anywhere else.

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