Muzaffarnagar: authorities drove victims away from camps

Updated: January 02, 2014 23:01 IST

The riot victims of Muzaffarnagar district have alleged that they were forced to leave the relief camps, without being offered proper rehabilitation facilities by the state government. The victims, who were shifting to other villages on their own, said that the authorities had razed off their tents at the camp, without their consent. Middle-aged, Fatima Begum, who took refuge at a community hall with many others, said that she was worried about having no money to pay for the rent of her new shelter. Meanwhile, another riot victim, Mohammed Iqbal, said that the night when they discovered that authorities had scrapped down their tents, they had no shelter above their heads. However, the authorities said that the victims were asked to move due to reasons pertaining to their safety and were compensated for that.

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