Sonia launches cash transfer scheme in Delhi

Updated: December 15, 2012 22:12 IST

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Saturday launched Delhi government’s food security programme, wherein monthly cash subsidy of rupees 600 would be transferred directly into bank accounts of the senior-most female member of poor families. The government has tied up with five leading banks for the implementation of the scheme, which will come into effect from April 01, 2013. Families that are not getting subsidized food under the BPL scheme are beneficiaries of this programme. Gandhi said that almost 25 lakh people would get benefit from the scheme, adding that there are some of them who travel to Delhi to earn their livelihood. Gandhi said that the cash will be transferred into the account of the senior-most woman of the family, since it would help in boosting her morale and give her the rightful position in the society.

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