Cache of arms recovered from Maoist-hit Lalgarh

Updated: April 14, 2013 17:04 IST

Paramilitary forces in West Bengal recovered cache of arms including country made pistols and rifles buried in a farm land in a Maoist affected area on Sunday. Six country made pistols and four rifles were recovered by joint forces in Lalgarh district of the state. In 2011, a horrific massacre occurred in Netai village, in Lalgarh district of West Bengal, killing at least seven people including two women who were allegedly shot dead by the CPI (M)'s private armed brigade (Harmad Vahini) while they were protesting against Vahini's attempt to force young men from their village to join the armed brigade. A local, Ashok Pratihar said that the people involved in the killings of 2011 managed to escape from the area and set up camp elsewhere.

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