Another road rage at Toll Plaza

Updated: January 15, 2012 14:01 IST

Another incident of road rage at Toll plaza has put a question mark on safety of not only the toll booth agents but also of Indian roads. The CCTV footage that is exclusive too newsX shows how a group of men riding a Scorpio lose their cool over an argument. The argument was apparently over validity of an expired toll slip which the men in Scorpio insisted to use. The toll agent pointed out that the slip had expired and that they will only be allowed to go if they paid up the toll. This apparently angered the occupants of the Scorpio leading to a verbal dual followed by an attack on the toll booth agent by one of the men travelling in the scorpio. You can see both the attacker and the assailant on your screen. A lot of commotion happened after the incident with toll sentries coming in to help and nabbing the assailant. However surprisingly the attackers were allowed to leave or rather fled the scene. A hunt is now on for them while the injured poll agent is getting treatment.

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