BMW's new M4 coupe reviewed

This is the new M4 coupé, successor to the iconic M3 coupé and sister car to the four-door M3. Not only does the M4 create a whole new model designation for itself, it also houses a number of new driveline developments, including a new turbocharged in-line six-cylinder engine.

Audi's facelifted A8 L India review

You are looking at the facelifted Audi A8.The optional headlamps on the A8 are the most significant part of the facelift.

Mercedes C Class : The Benz has a baby

It may not be as rewarding a drive as the BMW 3 series, but the new Merc pushes the envelope on almost all other aspects. Including the price

Another lost opportunity for Toyota?

The addition of the 1.5 litre engine is welcome, but a mere nose job does not transform a small car into a crossover

An SUV designed to please petrol-heads

Sometimes it tugs at your heart, at other times it woos your vanity, but this Merc comes at a very hefty price tag

Drawn in a tough group

Renault has relaunched its mid-size sedan Fluence and its SUV Koleos, at a time when the auto market is virtually frozen. Will they do a Duster for the French company?

Capable without being charismatic

The demand for sports utility vehicles in India may be waning due to the spike in diesel prices, but off-roaders continue to interest.

Hyundai's new Xcent review, test drive

We’ve just been for a quick spin in the new Hyundai Xcent.

Datsun's new Go review, road test

Nissan has resurrected its brand Datsun, which was phased out in 1981. And for India, the carmaker has positioned the brand at the budget end of the spectrum. Its first car, the made-for-India Go, has just gone on sale.

A practical city sedan, but nowhere in looks

The Korean car maker’s latest seems to have lost some of its design flair, but is great on performance

A Twist in the Nano tale

No car ever caught the collective imagination of a country  like the Tata Nano did. It did not live up to the pre-launch hype, but the company is not giving up. A new avatar may be just the twist that the Nano needed.

Camry hybrid: frugal but boring

Affordable and fuel-efficient. But till govt gives tax breaks to hybrids, number of prospective owners may still remain less

Audi's new RS7 India review, test drive

This is the new Audi RS7 super-sedan, and it’s hard not to speak about it in superlatives. Here’s why.
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