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BMW M5: built for the circuit, and the track-record shows

autos Updated: May 03, 2012 23:01 IST
Sumant Banerji

If judging cars were as simple as counting horsepower numbers, it would be a cakewalk for the BMW M5. With 560 horses propelling its 8-cylinder engine, this showpiece model from the iconic German carmaker does not have to even try hard... But to go by just numbers is plain stupid. So we ramble on.


The M5 is essentially a track version of the 5-series sedan, so similarities are aplenty. However, because it is a fast car a lot of thinking has gone into its aerodynamics. It is longer and wider than the normal sedan, but sits lower to give an extra edge in cornering. And the trademark front snout of the 5-series makes way for a sharper visage.

Just the same as the normal sedan so it has all the creature comforts, and some. Additions include sports seats and Merino leather upholstery and a distinctive instrument cluster with red needles and white illumination. It also offers various settings that tune the suspension for performance or sports modes. The difference in ride quality among modes is palpable.

4.4-litre V8 engine, 560 hp, 680 Newton metres of torque, 0-100 kmph in 4.4 seconds, a top speed of 250 kmph... Need more? There is so much technology built into this car, that you’d be insane to try to utilise it to the full. Of all the luxury cars built around the world, BMWs, due to their stiff suspension, handle the best. And the M5 shows just how. Few cars can manage a hairpin bend at 80 kmph. This one does it without a grumble. Sure the AMG has a bigger engine and more outright power, so it is marginally quicker on the straights. But the world is not flat, and the beemer rules.

Built as a car for the businessman who loves going to the track on the weekends, M5 is a seriously capable beast. No matter how hard you push it, it does not fail you, nor does it lose composure. You may feel a little out of place taking it to a sit-down dinner, but on the track it is undisputed king. With so much power under the hood, that is where it should be. It even costs a good Rs.10 lakh less than the E63 — which you may need for an extra set of tyres.