Bultaco launches an electric all-terrain motorcycle

  • AFP
  • Updated: Dec 19, 2014 12:54 IST

Spanish manufacturer Bultaco has unveiled the Brinco, a compact electric motorcycle that looks more like a mountain bike and is designed for off-road rides. The model is produced in a limited edition of just 175 units.

A cross between a motorcycle and an electric bicycle, the Brinco is equipped to handle all types of terrain thanks to its adjustable suspension and the wide tires on its 24-inch wheels. On the other hand, its range is rather unimpressive: 30km per charge in all-electric mode or close to 100km when the rider pedals.

The Brinco has an aluminum chassis and weighs 33kg including its 7kg electric battery, which can be fully recharged in two hours.

Only 175 Brinco motorcycles will be produced and sold through Bultaco's website for €4,800 each (around $5,900).

Bultaco, which closed shop in the early 1980s and was recently resurrected, made its big comeback in 2014 with the Rapitan, a brand new electric roadster.

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