Honda sets new world record for fuel efficiency

  • AFP
  • Updated: Jul 08, 2015 12:46 IST
Honda has a new Guinness World Records title. Photo:AFP

Two members of Honda's research and development team have managed to achieve an average fuel economy of 100.31mpg (2.8l/100km) during a drive across Europe in a standard, diesel-powered Honda Civic Tourer.

The journey, which started in Aalst, Belgium, saw the car travel clockwise through each of the 24 contiguous EU countries and cover a total distance of 8,387 miles (13497.57km) in 25 days.

As well as averaging 100.31mpg -- a 25% increase on the car's officially quoted fuel efficiency (74.3mpg) -- the Civic Tourer also averaged 932 miles (1500km) on a tank of fuel, meaning that there were only nine refueling stops in total.

Of the achievement of winning the title for "Lowest Fuel Consumption - all 24 contiguous EU countries," co-driver Fergal McGrath said: "It was tough, but we really enjoyed it, and setting this new Guinness World Records title has made all of the hard work worthwhile."

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