Koenigsegg could sell new supercar for 'only' $600,000

  • AFP
  • Updated: Apr 29, 2014 15:26 IST

The Swedish brand specializing in over-the-top supercars could introduce a model priced at around half of its current cheapest offering. Australian website Motoring.com.au learned of the plans directly from Christian von Koenigsegg at the New York Auto Show, which wrapped up on Sunday.

The founder of Koenigsegg added that the car "will retain a high degree of exclusivity" and indicated that its price would range somewhere between $600,000 to $700,000. No additional details were given on the potential new supercar.

The model would be the first Koenigsegg available for less than one million dollars.

The latest car from Koenigsegg is the One:1, which is named for its extraordinary power-to-weight ratio: 1,400kg for 1,400hp. Presented at the latest Geneva Motor Show, the One:1 will be the world's fastest serial production vehicle, claiming a top speed of around 450km/h and 0 to 400km/h acceleration in an estimated 20 seconds. Produced in a series of just six vehicles, the model has already sold out in spite of its price of close to $3 million.

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