Pick the right car

Before you go out and buy a car for yourself, stop and think about whether you are buying the right car. Most buyers make the mistake of not doing their homework before taking the plunge.

GUIDE - Off Roading Tips

SUVs are meant to do more than just look good on the road. Their original purpose is to go where most regular cars can’t, off-road that is. Here are our tips on off-roading with an SUV.

How to sell your car

Like buying a car, selling one can be daunting. We tell you how to go about selling your car while at the same time getting the most out of the transaction.

How to beat the salesman

Worried you won’t get the best deal? Don’t be – we tell you how it’s done so you’ll always pay the right price for your new car.

Fuel Saving

With fuel prices rising faster than ever before, driving economically makes wallet sense. Here’s knowing how to get the most out of every litre of fuel.

Buying and owning taking a test drive

Test driving a car, though, is not like a regular drive you undertake on an everyday basis. You will be basing your buying decision on the this drive and it’s essential that you take your time with it and pay close attention. Make sure you look at all the small things that are important to you.

Buying and owning upgrading the car Aftermarket upgrades

There’s lots of potential to get your car up to spec in the aftermarket. But is it the right way to go? Read on to find out.

Buying and owning accessories

Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time in our cars, either commuting to work or travelling out of town. How well you accessorise your car can make all the difference. Here’s our comprehensive guide.

What’s the right policy?

A lot of the queries submitted by readers to the WhatCar? Helpdesk are related to new-car warranties. It’s an area of car ownership that isn’t always black and white, and far too many people’s warranty claims get lost in grey areas.

Money-saving tips

Follow these simple steps and you could end up saving lakhs.

Maintenance tips for your car

For many of us, a car is just like a baby — adored and pampered. Chetna Joshi Bambroo shares the tips of maintaining cars.

Hot Tips: For choosing the right car colour

Here are some tips on how to choose the right colour for your car.

Your head needs protection. Here's how.

Still driving bikes with a flower pot on your head as helmet? Don't you think you - and your family - deserve better? The market has never been better for helmets, both in terms of variety and price. Hari Warrier reports.
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