This woman gave new lease of life to her husband

  • Ashpuneet Kaur Sandhu, Hindustan Times, Bathinda
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  • Updated: Oct 21, 2013 21:05 IST

Unlike other women who fast and pray for the long life of their husbands every Karva Chauth, this woman didn't wait for the almighty to give lease of life to her ailing husband and instead stepped ahead and saved his life. She, however, still fasts on Karva Chauth.

Rajni Bansal, a housewife, donated her kidney to her husband Raj Kumar Bansal in 2011, when the doctors had declared that her husband would survive only for three months if a kidney transplant was not done.

“It started nine years back with the swelling in my husband's feet. We applied some home remedies, but in vain. Soon, was unable to digest liquids, which sounded an alarm for us. For about two years, we kept making rounds of doctors to know the ailment. Then someone suggested a hospital in Ludhiana and we went there. Doctors gave us medicines and we came back,” Rajni said.

“After some months my husband stopped taking medicine and soon he again was not able to digest liquids. I was shattered when doctors told me to take him home as his survival period was just three months.” said Rajni.

She said that she didn't lose hope and went to a private hospital in Ludhiana, where doctors suggested kidney transplant as an option to save the life of her husband. “I agreed to donate my kidney, initially my husband was reluctant but my family made him understand the situation. Another option was kidney donation by our son, but he was too young to donate kidney,” she said.

When asked what changed after donating a kidney, she said everything was normal. “Earlier also, I observed fast on Karva Chauth and I still do the same.” Raj Kumar Bansal, the proud husband, said his wife brought the light in his dark life.


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