Bhopal: Danger lurks in deep waters of Kaliasot

  • Shruti Tomar, Hindustan Times, Bhopal
  • Updated: Jun 14, 2016 17:12 IST
Youngsters on the banks of Kaliasot dam in Bhopal. (Mujeeb Faruqui/HT photo)

Just a day after a teenager drowned in Kaliasot dam in the city, youngsters seem not to have learnt lessons from that drowning incident and gathered at the same spot again on Monday.

A local resident said the area near the dam had become a big threat to the people as crocodiles are present in the water.

“A large number of youngsters visit the dam daily without knowing how much dangerous it is. The water level is very uneven as at one place it is 2-to-3 feet deep only while at another place it is 15-to-20 feet deep,” Sunil Singh, a priest at Shiv Temple, said.

In addition, there is no signage at the point where people reach in large numbers. Even those who arrive for picnic don’t have any idea about the water level.

“Now, the number of crocodiles and alligators has also increased in water. Many a time, I saw crocodiles catching dogs and killing them brutally,” added Singh.

Recalling several fatal incidents, Singh said, “Whenever, I tried to stop youngsters especially college students from entering in deep waters, they rebuffed me. Authorities never held any drive to check the situation.”

“Authorities should put a proper signage board on the banks. Recently, I had gone to visit the dam with a group of 20 college students. Two boy students jumped into the water and started swimming. Suddenly two alligators started chasing them. Somehow they managed to reach the bank of the dam but it was a horrifying experience for us,” said Kriti Mishra, a resident of Kolar.

Habibganj city superintendent of police CM Dwivedi said, “The dam is spread over a large area. It is not possible to keep watch on the movement of people. We always tried to tell people that it is dangerous but they don’t follow it.”

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