Bhopal: Identify a pair of slippers, get Rs 10,000

  • Yogendra Pratap Singh, Hindustan Times, Bhopal
  • Updated: Oct 28, 2014 17:36 IST

A humble pair of slippers, not worth more than Rs 100 at market value, can actually fetch as much as Rs 10,000 in Bhopal. And the footwear does not belong to any celebrity.

Actually, the Bairagarh police have announced the cash reward on identification of a pair of slippers left at a scene of a major loot last week, in a bid to trace the accused who is supposed to have left it.

Police often announce reward on goons, but this time round, the city police have declared rewards on slippers.

Police have also pasted posters with pictures of those slippers at public places in Bairagarh locality and police station.

Police have announced the cash reward on identification of a pair of slippers left at a scene of a major loot last week in a bid to trace the accused. (HT photo)

This step has been taken by police after being unable to trace the robber.

"We have been trying our best to establish the identity of robber since the very first day of incident. It is believed that robber is a local resident; therefore we have declared the award. We would get success very soon," said superintendent of police (North) Arvind Saxena.

The incident occurred at One Tree Hills in Bairagarh on September 14. The trader, Laxman Moolchandani, a resident of One Tree Hills, had returned home from his business place at about 12.15 am. When he was opening the main gate of his house, an unidentified robber attacked him with iron rod and snatched his bag containing cash of Rs 15 lakh.

Interestingly, four days after the incident, the robber called up the victim over his cell phone from a local PCO and informed him that the bag full of cash stolen from him was lying in a garbage dump near Sadhu Baswani College in the Bairagarh.

The robber also told the victim to go there alone and collect him money and not inform the police.

The victim, however, preferred to take the police along and the bag was indeed recovered from the garbage dump as told over the cell phone by robber. The police later traced that the call was made from a PCO situated near Nadra Bus Stand.

It is believed that the robber dumped the bag for fear of being caught in the increased surveillance and raids by police call.

Police have rounded over a dozen suspects so far and constantly carrying out search at the slums located near One Tree Hills Colony.

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