Bhopal records coolest March in a decade

Notwithstanding the fact that the recurring episodes of thundershowers and hailstorm wrought havoc on crops in many parts of the state this month, the weather condition also ensured that Bhopal experienced coolest March in a decade.

With only two days to go in the month, the highest maximum temperature that has been reached during the month in the capital has been only 36.4 degrees, recorded on March 22. Before this, the lowest maximum temperature for Bhopal in the decade was recorded at 36.6 degrees on March 25, 2006.

The met office has said that though the day temperatures are likely to show rising trend during next two days, the rise might not be too sharp. So it is very much likely the 36.6 degrees mark would not be scaled in next two days and thus the month would turn out to be coolest in a decade.

The director of Regional Meteorological Centre, DP Dubey said the repeated development of weather systems leading to clouding and thundershowers kept the day temperatures in check this time.“Weather has cleared now and the weather would heat up further, but the rise might not be too sharp suddenly,” he said.

Normally in Bhopal, the maximum temperatures cross 39 or even 40 degrees mark during the month. During the last decade, the highest maximum temperature recorded in city was 40.5 degrees, recorded on March 23, 2004. Last year, the second highest temperature in a decade was recorded on March 29 at 39.5 degrees. But this year the conditions have reversed.

Historically, the highest maximum temperature recorded during month of March in the capital was on March 29, 1996 at 40.7 degrees. On friday, even though the weather cleared out after two days of clouding and occasional thundershowers, the day temperatures however went down in most parts of state including the capital due to high velocity winds that blew on many occasions during the day.

In Bhopal, despite stark sunshine, the maximum temperature was recorded at 34.3 degrees - more than two degrees below the maximum recorded on Thursday (36.4 degrees) and also two degrees below normal of the season. Similarly in other parts of state the maximum temperature was recorded one to three degrees below the normal mark.


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