Damaged railway over-bridge in Bhopal exposes PWD’s indifference

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Bhopal
  • Updated: Sep 22, 2014 17:21 IST

Decrepit state of Bharat Talkies railway over-bridge, which connects Bhopal railway station, moved some concerned citizens to lodge a request with the Public Works Department (PWD) for its urgent repair, but the PWD officials seem hardly concerned.

When pressure mounted, they carried out shabby patch work on the over-bridge and went away. In fact, the over-bridge which has heavy traffic flow throughout the day, appears to be 'inviting' mishap as the hand railing of the bridge is not only damaged at some points but is completely missing on a large part of the over-bridge.

However, Bhopal-based officer in-charge of PWD (bridge) Akhilesh Upadhyay said railing of the bridge had been repaired and it wasn’t damaged.

Social activist Abdul Jabbar, who was one of the complainants, said, "In last October, a car fell off the bridge due to broken railing. Several times, people have had close shave but despite lodging complaints several times, department has not taken any action."

And, on Saturday, when they repaired some portions it appeared to be more of a temporary arrangement to sidestep the issue involving lives of people. They have left parts of damaged railing untouched. Perhaps it would be done after a major mishap. May be they are waiting for a bus or a local minibus to fall off the bridge before they move to action.”

A resident of Station Bajariya, Rajesh Jain said, "Many times, children and elderly persons come walking through the footpath of the over-bridge and there is always a possibility that they could fall off from the bridge. If someone falls from the bridge, PWD officials concerned should be held accountable for the mishap as they have turned a blind eye towards a crumbling over-bridge in a heavily populated area."

Jain further said the portions of railing, which were repaired on Saturday, have created a new threat particularly to children as the iron rods have been left uncovered.

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