Film house bows down, makes audition free in MP

A production house from Mumbai that came to Bhopal to conduct audition of a film and was charging Rs 200 per audition had to bow down to film activists from Bhopal and opened the audition free for all aspirants.

"We received several complaints from aspirants who had gone there for auditions. Most of the aspirants doubted the credentials of organisers conducting audition. Then we decided to verify their credentials," said Ashish Shrivastava, secretary of MP Film Producers Association. The production house that was organising auditions could not answer where this talent hunt would be organised, who will judge the talents and other questions related to the event. He claims to give roles in his upcoming film to the selected talents but his script has not been registered yet with concerned authorities, said Ashish after talking to the organisers of audition.

Film makers like Prakash Jha, Sooraj Barjatya and several other renowned production houses have shot films here. They also selected artists, took auditions but no one charged money for that, said Anoop Joshi 'Bunty', senior film coordinator from Bhopal, who has done coordination for Prakash Jha, Sudhir Mishra and many other established film makers.

"We will not allow anyone to conduct auditions who charge money from the participants. This is against established norms of film industry," said Sanjay Khoche, President of MP film producers association.

"After recent shooting spree by film veterans in Bhopal, people with dubious credentials are trying to cash sentiments of young boys and girls. They charge money in the name of auditions. They further extract money from participants in name of training and then vanish," said Vinod Maina, member of Mumbai writers association.

When HT asked Rakesh Pal about the details of his talent hunt programme, he evaded the questions. He told that he would organise the programme on December 31 but haven't booked the auditorium yet. He also claimed that he would be calling renowned singer Sonu Nigam as a judge but couldn't show a confirmation letter from the singer. "I will book the auditorium after auditions, if I get deserving talents from here," said Rajesh Pal, producer and director of robust film production.

Demand for state film board

MP film producers association and other film coordinators have jointly demanded that a state film board should be formed to facilitate genuine film makers and to check bogus film makers, who target to cheat people. President of MP film makers association Sanjay Khoche demanded that when state government is so serious about promoting film making in state then a central authority should be formed which should provide a single window assistance to film makers- to seek various permissions, to assure that heritage properties are not tampered with and monitor shooting. The board could also provide local talents to film makers from its registered list.

Take care before auditions

Ashish Shrivastav suggests that young aspirants before appearing for any audition should not hesitate to ask questions and check documents of the organisers. One should check if the title and script of the film are registered. Reputed film makers always hire reputed local coordinators. Organisers should be registered with film associations and should not demand money for any favour. Registration number of the organisers should also be cross checked with concerned associations.


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