Fog hits rail traffic; delays trains coming from North

  • PTI, Bhopal
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  • Updated: Jan 07, 2011 16:57 IST

Dense fog continued to hit rail traffic disrupting and delaying several trains reaching in Bhopal from North.

Intense cold conditions delayed A P Express by 15 hours, Chennai Rajdhani by 13 hours, Tamil Nadu Express by 12 hours, Malwa Express by 11 hours, Bangalore Rajdhani by 10 hours, and the Amritsar-Dadar Express by eight hours, railway sources said.

Due to late arrivals, the Nizamuddin-Habibganj Express was re-scheduled as it came late by over 12 hours.

The Shatabdi Express also left Bhopal station on Thursday at 7 pm instead of the usual 1440 hours.


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