Gwalior hospital staff throw away corneas, probe ordered

  • Neeraj Santoshi, Hindustan Times, Bhopal
  • Updated: Jun 13, 2015 19:58 IST

A Gwalior resident, who discovered that his late mother’s donated eyes were thrown away by a prestigious medical college, said on Friday that a cornea of another man was junked by hospital authorities alongside his parent’s organs.

A shocked Kishan Gambhir told HT he would complain to the Medical Council of India and local police against doctors at Gajra Raja Medical College in Gwalior amid a storm of criticism over the hospital’s actions.

“The three eyes were not found in the garbage but on the cemented window sill on the first floor. The doctors had probably thought they would fall into the dense vegetation below but the organs were photographed by a local media person who showed them to me,” he said.

“But when I went to the hospital, the doctors had removed the eyes and told me they were not fit for transplant,” he said.

The eyes, meant for transplant, were found on Thursday and caused the suspension of three senior hospital staff as the commissioner of Gwalior division, KK Khare, ordered a magisterial probe into the incident.

“Two female and one male junior doctor came to take the eyes on April 22, when my mother died. They were appreciative but I never imagined they would throw away my mother’s eyes like this. We trust doctors as gods and they behave so inhumanely,” he said.

Gambhir said he found doctors conducted only one eye transplant in the last six years though 80 organs have been donated. He also confronted doctors about why they did such a thing.

“I was told by a medical staff that the eyes of my mother were not fit for transplant. Even so, can they throw away donated eyes like this?” he asked.

The dean of the medical college, Dr GS Patel, admitted the incident needed proper investigation and said a five-member team had been constituted, which will submit its report within a week.

“We are taking this matter seriously and strict action would be taken against those found guilty,” he said.

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