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Heart ailments among youngsters on rise in Bhopal

bhopal Updated: May 30, 2013 02:26 IST
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Bhopal's food habits coupled with a sedentary lifestyle are making even youngsters prone to heart ailments. Cases of young people, some even in their 20's, suffering from cardiac ailments has been on the rise in the state.

Sample this: 22-year-old Rajeev Sharma (name changed), resident of Arera Colony, was a heart patient who had to regularly consult a cardiologist. When he started feeling uneasy doctors suggested that he should quit smoking and chewing tobacco but he ignored the warnings. His lifestyle only aggravated the problem he had - no exercise, plenty of oily food and chain smoking.http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/Popup/2013/5/30_05_13-pg16c.jpg

He was at a cineplex in MP Nagar, when he started felling uneasy. He started having severe chest pain and collapsed. His friends rushed him to Kasturba Hospital. He had suffered from two consecutive heart attacks. Despite frantic efforts by the doctors, Rajeev died.

In another case, a 26-year-old man was on his way to office around 10 30 am. After travelling a few kilometers, he suddenly had to stop his bike as he started suffering from severe chest pain and perspiration. He went to a nearby hospital, where a routine checkup revealed that he had suffered a heart attack. Luckily, in his case, he was able to survive the attack.

Talking to HT, head of cardiology department Gandhi Medical College (GMC) Dr Yogesh Verma said he observed that nowadays nearly 10% patients that come to him for treatment are below the age of 40.

"If anybody's kin suffered from heart ailments, diabetes, blood pressure or paralysis he should consult doctors beforehand as a precautionary measure even if he or she doesn't show any symptom. And if they themselves suffered from diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol etc they should be more alert about their hearts," added Dr Verma.

A person should go for routine heart check-ups four times between the age of 40 and 49, five times between 50 and 59, six times between 60 and 69 and more frequently after the age of 70.

According to Dr Verma, food habits make people of Bhopal more susceptible to heart ailments. Obese people or those suffering from hypertension are more prone to heart ailments.

"If you are eating fat and burning it with adequate exercise it would not cause as much problem as a sedentary lifestyle with consumption of fat foods," said Dr Verma.

Interventional cardiologist, Dr Subroto Mandal said the primary reason behind youngsters facing heart attack was change in their lifestyle. Lifestyle modifications have made youngsters unhealthy leading to heart attacks, he added.

"Heart-related problems do not arise suddenly; they develop due to the unhealthy lifestyle which a child adapts at a tender age. Nowadays, children do not like physical activities due to which problems like obesity occur leading to heart problems," said Dr Mandal.

Increasing stress level among youngsters was another contributing factor.

Not oil quality, but quantity matters

Those who spend much time and money looking for the right brand of cooking oil have to change their thinking if they want to avoid the risk of heart ailments. Quality of oil is not as important as the amount consumed.

According to head of cardiology department Gandhi Medical College (GMC) Dr Yogesh Verma, a healthy person should not consume more than 1.5 kg of oil per month.

Preferably, food should be cooked in non-stick utensils. If one teaspoon oil is used for four persons some of the oil would be left behind in the utensil, some amount would vapourise and the remaining oil absorbed in the food would be shared by four people. One drop of oil is sufficient for the brain cells.