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I always prepare for my shows: Hariharan

bhopal Updated: Nov 02, 2016 12:54 IST

Hariharan and Sunidhi Chauhan were in Bhopal to perform for the Madhya Pradesh Foundation Day.(Chandresh Mathur/HT photo)

For the Madhya Pradesh Foundation Day, famous singers Hariharan and Sunidhi Chauhan were in Bhopal to perform at the Lal Parade ground. Talking to the media, the singers talked about their experiences in the city, music and much more:


Any special preparations you have done for this show?

I have. I always prepare hard for my performance. I have prepared some patriotic songs for this show. The backdrop of the stage is a temple, so I will start with a bhajan.

Since 1977, you have been coming to Bhopal for different concerts and shows. Do you ever think about how MP or Bhopal contributed to your musical success?

I have got many chances to perform beautiful shows in this city. Some of these mehfils I performed in, had only musicians and poets, other than the public concerts. So, this place was like a training ground for me. Here, people listen to music very carefully. So, to sing to their standard was an education for me. Definitely, MP has played a big role.

You are involved in all sorts of genres of music. Which one do you enjoy the most?

Whenever I sing melodiously, I enjoy it. Not all days are the same. Whatever I sing, whichever genre it may be, it has its own special something. Fusion has discipline of its own. When you sing a ghazal, the musical travel is the enjoyable part. When you record, it gives a different feeling. So, it is a different ball game in every style.

The youth is driven towards EDM today. Do you think classical music will still hold its charm in the near future?

See, the changes in the society are mirrored in the art and culture of the place. Classical music is in our genes. So, it is not going anywhere. There are people who are doing pure classical music. EDM is a music statement, full of energy. Any music is good music. It depends on how the artists use it.

What do you like about Bhopal?

I am so glad you asked. I love the lakes, the culture. People here are learned in their own ways. And the food is amazing!

Recently a lot of artists from the film industry have given their opinions about political issues. What is your opinion about that?

Celebrities must be very responsible about what they are saying. We don’t have all the details about the things that happen. By talking about the issues, we add to the confusion. So, till the time you don’t have it clarified in your own mind, you should stay quiet.


Any special preparations you have done for this show?

Yes of course, I have done some special preparations for the show. I’ve come to Bhopal a few times before, but this time it is for a very special and happy occasion. Hopefully the show will be a great one!

Why did you get into films so late?

I took time because I wasn’t ready for that medium. Offers were coming to me but I thought that there was still a lot to do in music. There still is, but now I feel like I can balance the two things properly. I can give both the things the required attention. I felt like taking up the project and I did. I am reading some scripts now, let us see what happens.

What do you like about Bhopal?

I have come here, but I haven’t had a chance to explore the city as much. I will definitely take some tips from Hari ji. (laughs) But yes, this place has a different aura that I feel the minute I land. I wish I had had a chance to see the city some more. May be next time.

Do you ever fear being stereotyped for a particular type of songs?

No, I don’t because I am never approached for a specific type of a song. And whatever it is that I am offered, I try to deliver to my best capacity. I have done both slow songs and fast paced songs. Now, generally fast paced songs are more popular, but slow songs do well, too. It depends on how the films do, as well.

When you judge reality shows, a lot of your fans try to imitate your style. What do you think about that?

Of course, originality is very important, but everyone gets inspired by someone. Even I was inspired by Kishore Da, when I was growing up. It’s not wrong to be inspired by anyone, but yes, I would suggest that bring your own quality and polish that. Because many a times, people get lost while trying to be someone else. All the singers who are coming up now, have their own special quality and they are doing great jobs.